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LIST OF MOST significant TEN Publication (I.F. indicates SCI Impact factor)

Ram Kumar, Sami Souissi, Jiang-Shiou Hwang (2012). Vulnerability of carp larvae to copepod predation as a function of larval age and body length. Aquaculture338-341: 274-283. (doi:10.1016/j.aquaculture.2012.01.001 (I.F. 2.1).

L–C. Tseng, Ram Kumar, Q. –C. Chen, J. S. Hwang (2011). Faunal shift between two Copepod Congeners (Temora Discaudata and T. Turbinata) in the Vicinity of two Nuclear Power Plants in Southern East China Sea: Spatiotemporal patterns of population trajectories over a decade. Hydrobiologia 666: 301-315 (I. F. 1.76).

L–C. Tseng, Ram Kumar, Q.-C. Chen, J. –S. Hwang (2011) The summer distribution of Noctiluca and mesozooplankton abundance in the western and southern East China Sea before the Three Gorges Dam operation Hydrobiologia 666: 239-356(I. F. 1.76).

Ram Kumar, Prasad, H-U. Dahms, L. C. Tseng, J. –S. Hwang (2008). Potential of three aquatic predators to control mosquitoes in the presence of alternative prey: a comparative experimental assessment. Marine & Freshwater Research 59: 817-835 (CSIRO Publication; IF 1.8)

Ram Kumar and J. S. Hwang (2008). Ontogenetic Shifts in the Ability of the Cladoceran, Moina macrocopa STRAUS and Ceriodaphnia cornuta SARS to Utilize Ciliated Protists as Food Source International Review Hydrobiology 93:284-296 (Wiley –VCH; IF 1.6).

C. Tseng, Ram Kumar, H. U. Dahms, C. T. Chen, S. Souissi, Q. C. Chen and J.-S. Hwang (2008). Copepod community structure over a marine outfall area in the northeastern South China Sea, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of UK. 88(5): 955-966. (Cambridge University Press; IF 1.2).

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Ram Kumar (2003): Effect of different food types on the post embryonic developmental rates and demographic parameters of Phyllodiaptomus blanci (Copepoda; Calanoida). Archive für Hydrobiologie. 157: 351 – 377 (I.F. 2.12).

Ram Kumar and T. R. Rao (1999). Demographic responses of adult Mesocyclops thermocyclopoides (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) to different plant and animal diets. Freshwater Biology 42: 487 – 501 (Wiley  Blackwell; IF 2.8 )